MKEDAY: Hotel Foster- Local Film

Join us at Hotel Foster (2028 E. North Avenue) for a diverse screening of locally made short films and music videos. Screenings start at 6pm. Free event. Music to follow provided by Party Unlimited, LLC.
“Missed Connections” Susan Kerns & Kara Mulrooney
The Ragadors “Death Train” Dir: Patrick Haley
“Violinist” Dir: Carlo Besasie
I’m Not a Pilot “Ami’s Song” Dir: Jerry Reidel
“Four Sure” Dir: Dave Kiehl
Cave Singers “Black Leaf” Dir: Sam Macon
“Successful Alcoholics” Dir: Jordan Vogt-Roberts
“Giorgio” Dir: Lisa Gildehaus
Prophetic “Jungle” Dir: Xavier Ruffin
“Global Union Music Fest” documentary Dir: High Frequency Media
Altos “Altos, Sing (For Trouble)” Dir: Sean Williamson
“The Wheel” Dir: John Roberts

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