We just received the fantastic news that Mayor Barrett has officially declared April 14th, 2012 as “Milwaukee Day”!!  We couldn’t be more honored and excited for Saturday.  The proclamation reads:

WHEREAS, the City of Milwaukee joins community members in celebrating Milwaukee Day on Saturday, April 14, 2012; and

WHEREAS, Milwaukee Day recognizes the collective contribution of the Milwaukee community to the culture, economy and vibrancy of the city; and,

WHEREAS, Milwaukee Day is celebrated annually on April 14th, the date which corresponds with the area code of the City of Milwaukee and spotlights the creative, positive and dynamic energy which makes the city and its heritage unique; and,

WHEREAS, Milwaukee Day honors its mission of presenting to mass audiences the finest of what the city has to offer and organizes events ranging from live music, park clean-ups, film festivals and all-ages skateboard james; and,

WHEREAS, the City of Milwaukee, enthusiastically joins the entire 414 area code in celebrating the rich history, exciting present and bright future of the City of Milwaukee;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, TOM BARRETT, Mayor of the City of Milwaukee, do hereby proclaim Saturday, April 14, 2012 to be MILWAUKEE DAY



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